Freestanding Sneeze Screen 600x800 mm


We produce protective acrylic glass partitions of various sizes with a wide cavity at the bottom of the wall to protect from direct contact with the buyer.

These protective acrylic glass partitions consist of three parts (two legs and a main part) which are easily assembled together or attached directly to the suction cups. The stand can be placed on a workbench, front or on any desired surface.


  •     High light transmittance: 92 % (clear);
  •     Easy to maintain, clean;
  •     Twice as light as glass;
  •     100% recycled after use;
  •     Does not contain carcinogenic substances;
  •     Direct contact with food is allowed.


  •     4mm plexiglass;
  •     600x800 mm, 600x1000 mm, 800x1000 mm


For protection against direct contact with the customer in shops, pharmacies, beauty salons or other places where employees have direct contact with customers.

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